Wheat Germ Oil Benefits for Hair Growth

Lots of people are worried about their receding hairline problem. There are many hair treatment that can treat thinning hair or to promote hair growth. Some of them are herbal remedies, surgical or medicinal. One of herbal remedies that can treat hair loss is wheat germ oil for hair growth.

Wheat germ oil is an essential oil obtained from wheat germ or the little embryo that is inside the kernel of the wheat. This essential oil has a usual nutty scent and a dark amber color. This oil contains rich essential fatty acids that include linolenic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid and so on. It also contains vitamins B complex, A, D, and E, minerals phosphorus and iron, and high amount of protein.

The quality of wheat germ oil is natural that can be very useful for this purpose. Wheat germ oil has fatty acids that are longer than other essential oils such as coconut oil. It has great emollient properties that assist in conditioning and moisturizing the hair. Other wheat germ oil benefits are it can stop hair breakage and repairs damaged hair. Furthermore, it stimulates hair growth both in terms of volume and length. This essential oil contains vitamin B that can promote the growth of new cell and tissue formation and can give hair volume. The vitamin E that is in this wheat germ oil can be absorbed into the scalp and assists to give increasing in the skin condition.

One of wheat germ oil benefits are treating hair loss because this oil is a naturally substance and it is completely safe for the hair. You can use it in lots of ways. Just massage a few drops of wheat germ for hair loss on the bald spots on the scalp, and rub more oil on the whole scalp. Nevertheless, don’t apply too much wheat germ oil on the scalp too much.

Appying wheat germ oil on the scalp will increase blood flow to the scalp and make more nutrients will get penetrated into the hair roots. It can promote healthy hair follicle that in line will enhance hair growth. Leave wheat germ oil on the scalp about 30 minutes and then wash it off with tepid water. You should massage wheat germ oil onto the scalp each day. Because the texture of this essential oil is thick, you may not like to massage it into the hair directly. You can combine it with some coconut oil.

You also can combine wheat germ oil with other substances like aloe vera and coconut milk. Sometimes you can combine both these two substances with wheat germ oil. Then the mixture is applied on the scalp. Don’t hope instant results after applying wheat germ oil for hair loss. You should wait for several time before you can get long and thick hair. Nevertheless on regular using of wheat germ oil you will see you hair will get more shiny and healthy.

Even though wheat germ oil will not really stop hair loss, it might delay your hair loss by maintaining the hair you already have, healthy and strong. This essential oil is simply absorbed into the skin of scalp and hair making it a best hair treatment for damaged, dry hair or easily to give hair that renewed bounce and shine. So where to buy wheat germ oil? You can buy it at store near your home or you can buy it at online shop like Amazon.